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Film Students

New York University Film Students
Student Film
Shoots using Firearms, Squibs, Firecrackers, Blank Guns, Real Guns, etc. are not covered under the New York University Student Film Insurance Program. Working (live) guns will not be insured under any circumstances. The Student Director must supply a letter from the Rental House, stating that the prop guns rented for the shoot are physically incapable of being fired.
Also, please note that if you use a prop gun openly on your shoot in a public place, you are required to have a police officer present. Arrangements must be made through the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting.
You can fax (212-995-3555) or drop off (7 East 12th Street, 8th Floor) the letter from the Rental House, stating that the guns rented for the shoot, are physically incapable of being fired. Please make sure your Name and Production Name are on this letter. Your certificate will not be processed until we get this letter from you. You must list all locations where a Prop Gun will be used. You must include complete location address', and the property owner's name and direct contact phone number! You can file out this form on-line from the NY University's server FORM
Princeton University Film Students
Special Effects
When registering an event, all student groups must secure permission to include any of the following special effects. Groups will be asked to complete a checklist when completing the event registration form. Further discussion and planning may include the University Fire Marshal, the Production Office, the Risk Management Office and/or the Office of Environmental Health & Safety. Permission may be denied in certain cases.
  • Use of Pyrotechnics
    All use of pyrotechnic devices before a proximate audience must conform to the following procedure and must meet the requirements found in chapter 31, section F-3103.7 of the New Jersey State Fire Code and NFPA Standard 1126. To reference these standards, please see appendix A and B. Use of any pyrotechnics or other fireworks are prohibited in Alexander Hall, Wilson Black Box Theater, 171 Broadmead and Forbes Theater. The following steps shall be followed to obtain the proper permits and approval for the use pyrotechnics:
    • Submit a plan to the University Fire Marshal for the use of pyrotechnics. The plan must contain the following information:

      1. Name of the person, group, or organization sponsoring the production
      2. Date and time of day of the production
      3. Exact location of the production
      4. Name of the person actually in charge of firing the pyrotechnics (i.e., the pyrotechnic operator)
      5. Number, names, and ages of all assistants who are to be present
      6. Qualifications of the pyrotechnic operator
      7. Pyrotechnic experience of the operator
      8. Confirmation of any applicable state and federal licenses held by the operator or assistant(s)
      9. Evidence of the permittee’s insurance carrier or financial responsibility
      10. Number and types of pyrotechnic devices and materials to be used, the operator’s experience with those devices and effects, and a definition of the general responsibilities of assistants
      11. Diagram of the grounds or facilities where the production is to be held. This diagram shall show the point at which the pyrotechnic devices are to be fired, the fallout radius for each pyrotechnic device used in the performance, and the lines behind which the audience shall be restrained
      12. Point of on-site assembly of pyrotechnic devices
      13. Manner and place of storage of the pyrotechnic materials and devices
      14. Material safety data sheet (MSDS) for the pyrotechnic material(s) to be used manufacturers directions and specifications
      15. Certification that the set, scenery, and rigging materials are inherently flame-retardant or have been treated to achieve flame retardancy
      16. Certification that all materials worn by performers in the fallout area during use of pyrotechnic effects shall be inherently flame retardant or have been treated to achieve flame retardancy
      17. Names and qualifications for two fire watch personnel
      18. All plans shall be submitted as soon as is possible so that the authority having jurisdiction has time to be present and to notify other interested parties. In no event shall such advance notice be less than 24 hours.
      1. Obtain the proper permit from the University Fire Marshal
      2. Coordinate with theater management to discuss fire safety precautions to avoid fire damage from the fall out of the display
      3. Conduct a demonstration of the pyrotechnic effect for Fire Officials
      4. Qualifications of Operators and Assistants
      5. All pyrotechnic operators must be at least 21 years old and licensed or approved by the authority having jurisdiction in accordance with any and all applicable laws.
      6. All assistants must be at least 18 years old.
All pyrotechnic equipment must be approved by the University Fire Marshal and Theater Management. Please contact Bob Gregory, University Fire Marshall at 258-6805 and Christopher Gorzelnik at 258-6090.
Knives, Swords or Guns
No live firearm or any device that can perceived to be a firearm may be carried onto campus. Express permission from the Dean of Undergraduate Students must be secured before toy/prop guns or starter pistols may be used in a production. The prop gun may not be kept at the theater except during the actual performance and can either be removed immediately from campus, stored with Public Safety at Stanhope Hall or sent back to the prop company which rents them. If storing with Public Safety, the prop gun must be picked up prior to the performance and returned immediately after the performance each night.
Prop knives and swords can be rented from several prop companies. No real knives or swords may be employed without modification. Contact Christopher Gorzelnik (8-6090) for more information.
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