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What we offer
RENTAL - Converted "LIVE" firearms (big selection) that fully function with standard caliber blank ammunition. Available in flash (muzzle flash), or "safety plugged" (solid barrel, no hole.) Requires that an FFL Gun Handler be on-set at all times and be in a position of oversight at all times. Gun Handler's fees are in addition to prop rental rate.
RENTAL - Blank Fire Non-Guns (limited selection of makes and models) that fully function with specialty blank ammunition. Solid barrel, no hole, loud report, least expensive, does not require an FFL Gun Handler on set. Does require special storage considerations and assigned oversight. Production must have Umbrella liability coverage stating that pyrotechnic devices are included.
RENTAL - Non-function metal guns (limited selection of make and model) that can be used in scenes where no shots are fired but will appear in close ups.
RENTAL - Rubber Gun Props (big selection) that can be used where there are no close ups, needs to be thrown or dropped, or fallen on by an actor.
RENTAL - Machine guns, short shotguns, pistols, revolvers, badges, police equipment, police cars, aviation and marine.
SERVICE - Conversions of "LIVE" firearms to function with standard caliber blank ammunition. (Any make, any model that is in a standard caliber - Semi-Automatic .22, 9mm, 45acp, .223rem, .308Win, .50bmg.)
SERVICE - On-Set NYS Licensed Gun Handlers (Gun Wranglers) for hire anywhere in New York State.
SERVICE - Gunshot Special Effects- with Sweeney gas capsule guns, pyrotechnic gunshot hits on people (blood hits)and objects (spark, dust and glass.) NYS Licensed Pyrotechnicians.
SERVICE - Movie Industry Transfer (MIT) of NFA Firearms from out-of-state/out-of-country theatrical gun suppliers.
SERVICE - On-Set Technical Advisors for hire, for police tactics, for explosives handling,for scene continuity direction, for character continuity, for prop continuity.
SERVICE - Pre production consultation for story development, production procurement and costs.
SERVICE - Post production consultation for CGI effects placement, Foley and publicity.
SERVICE - Firearms instruction, tactics instruction, gun fight instruction for actors/actresses. All our employees are NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Instructors and all possess fully carry pistol licenses as required by New York State Law.
Varies by weapons required, whether fabricated or off-the-shelf, and length of rental/lease.
Please submit your actual quote request on production company letterhead, well in advance of your actual shoot date.
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