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Procedures to follow

How to use our services and props:
Procedures for productions where blank fire props are to be used.
Don't even think of waiting till the last minute to call for our assistance, call as soon as you start pre-production. You will need to provide us enough time to either manufacturer or acquire all the firearms you will need. We will also need time to manufacture all the blank ammunition that will be used since your choice of firearm types dictate what loadings will be needed. Also, we may be able to assist in your selection of what props will work for a particular scene. We might be able to come up with a selection that would reduce your costs yet still give you the results you want.
There are several New York State agencies, county and town officials that must be notified. All these agencies will need some paperwork provided by you before any prop and SF/X work can begin.

We will need a Certificate of General Liability Insurance provided by your insurance underwriter made out to the following agencies for an aggregate total of $5,000,000,

To the Town Clerk for the townships (or the city Clerk of the city) you will be using for your production locations for issuance of their film permit. (We will give you the proper address for posting.)

All insurance policies are to list Movie Gun Services LLC and the township (or city) by name as co-insured.
A certified copy of that policy is to be provided to MGS® prior to any prop or SF/X work being supplied
We will need a copy of those film permits, to be given to the police department with jurisdiction over your production location.
They must be notified as to your leasing our props and the locations where our props are to be used.
If you use our services, all town pyrotechnic permits and Fire Marshal permits are our  responsibility.

We consistently receive requests for pricing and services from individuals who have no prior experience with “HIRES & RENTALS”. Requests range from simple price quote questions for rubber props to “how much will it cost to blow up a car and have 30 machine guns with blanks?”  As you can imagine, providing a simple price list in a menu format will not answer any of the questions posed.  There is a plethora of information we need first, in order to provide the most responsible estimate. Below is a list of questions we need answers to before any discussions between us can begin:

Remember – there is a big difference between desires, wants and needs!
  1. Time in history the weapons and accessories need to represent (historical or fantasy).
  2. Functionality of the props required (Rubber, Function, Blank-Fire, or “Blanked” LIVE).
  3. Totals needed of each type (remember, the more complicated the prop, the more it will cost).
  4. The number of eight (8) hour days that the props will be required on-set.
  5. The location of the set (state, county, city, town, village and / or private property).
  6. Owner of the location set (having jurisdiction or actual owner).
  7. Regarding “Blank-Fire” and “Blanked LIVE weapons, the contact information for the jurisdictional entity with oversight (usually the Police Chief, Sheriff or Director of Public Safety).Regarding “Blanks”, the contact information for the jurisdictional entity with oversight (usually the Fire Marshal or Director of Public Safety).
  8. Name and contact information of your production’s insurance underwriter.
  9. Name and contact information of your Firearms Safety Coordinator (FSC).
After you receive our estimate, and you’ve finished exclaiming “WE CAN’T AFFORD ALL THAT!” there are several questions you need to answer yourself.
  1. How many firing weapons are actually needed to still get the story across?
  2. Are the weapons the subject of the storyline, and if not how can the script be rewritten to deemphasize firearms depiction?
  3. Can Rubber weapons be used in the vast majority of scenes instead of the more expensive metal ones?
  4. Can a gunshot be suggested with just off-screen sound effects or Foley later?
  5. Do any of the weapons need to be manipulated (loaded or cocked)?
  6. Can make-up and simple special effects replicate more expensive blood-hits and pyrotechnic squibs?
  7. Can camera angles and quick cuts be used in place of blazing gunfight scenes?
Remember – the more you reduce hazards in your production (reduce or eliminate Blank-Fire or “Blanked Live weapons as well as pyrotechnics (blanks)), the lower your production costs, your insurance costs and the lower the amount of jurisdictional oversight required. At a minimum, you will need a Firearms Safety Coordinator for any firearm props (either real or replica). Do not skimp when it comes to the safety of yourself, your actors, your production crew and your investors. One injury can shut you down and expose everyone to debilitating lawsuits and massive settlements.

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