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What we can do for you

From original design and manufacture, to on-set gun handling, to the planning and application of pyrotechnic and capsule gun gunshot effects, we have the knowledge, background, equipment and inventory. Contact us at the start of your project to see if what you're planning is feasible and available. We may be able to offer a method that is safer, less expensive and visually more exciting. Your reduced production costs are important to us but do not take a backseat to the safety of our crew and the citizens of Long Island. Professionalism is our creed, safety is our code.

We are constantly learning new and exciting methods of achieving spectacular film effects using innovative techniques and materials. Our dedication to this craft has lead us to the forefront of special effects and props. We are committed to bringing the motion picture industry the very best we have to offer.As a movie prop house specializing in large weapons of all types, we can fill your production needs. From pocket pistols to shoulder launched anti-armor rockets, from realistic letter bombs to claymores, we can provide the greatest variety. Large off-the-shelf selection of current technology and our manufacturing facilities gives us an edge.
  • A large stock of high powered firearms, anti-personal and anti-armor devices that can be used for action or static presentation, and the ability to make a few or all work as they should for the best effects.
  • Blank firing weapons and ammo that works and looks perfect on film using proprietary powders that produce perfect color register.
  • Access to the world's panoply through year's of cultivated business dealings and friendships.
MGS™ is licensed as a manufacturer of firearms with a bore more then half an inch, as well as everything smaller. That means we can produce large fantasy/futuristic weapons based on several existing models of assault shotguns, rifles and launchers. The ability to make a real firearm from scratch or convert an existing one to meet your story line's description, makes us unique to the industry. MGS™ stocks a huge selection of fully functioning prop weapons (NON-GUNS) that can be used in situations where legality or safety is a concern. With everything from prop pistols and revolvers to prop grenade launchers on the shelf, student film productions and low budget teasers can benefit. Due to federal, state and local regulations, we can only provide such props to bonifide entertainment industry users. Certain documentation needs to be provided before renting.
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