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NYC Prop Gun Dealers

New York City Sources for Blank Firearms.
Please read everything carefully!

Please click this link to visit NYC411's page with web links & phone numbers
We do not recommend any of the supplies listed therein
& therefore advise extreme caution when dealing with them.

Our livelihood depends on our understanding of federal, state and municipal laws, rules, regulations and permissions.

We've been doing this since 1985
Contrary to what any attorney thinks, they don't know the laws like we do.
We have successfully fought off every attempt to silence this information.

These supplier's "Blanked" FIREARMS are not licensed for use or possession outside the boundary of the City of New York.
We have been threatened with lawsuits for displaying the information contained below. Take heed and ask questions before you rent!

NYS, which has jurisdiction over all FIREARMS (bearing serial numbers and registered with the New York State Police Pistol License Section) (which are designed, manufactured and intended to displace a projectile by means of an explosion), does not provide inspection, permission, approval, certification or "BLANKED" registration of such FIREARMS once "BLANKED".

The New York City Police Department, FID/FAS, located at 150-14 Jamaica Ave., Basement Level, Queens, NY 11432, (718) 558-8700, does NOT inspect, give permission, approve, certify or register a FIREARM as a NYC BLANKED FIREARM.

Anyone who tells you such should be suspect and deemed untrustworthy. BACK OUT FAST!

Converting a REAL FIREARM to fully function with blank cartridges does not render it outside of the jurisdiction of the Penal Law of the State of New York. It is still a FIREARM and as such, is restricted to who and where it shall be possessed.

The NYPD's Firearms Analysis Section does not provide "verification of NAF (Not A Firearm) status nor does it contact the New York State Police and request that it's serial number be removed from the state registry, for FIREARMS.

New York City Licensed Firearms Dealers who have met the NYPD's requirements as a "Special Theatrical Dealer" are such, only within the confines of the City of New York.

New York State does not have a provision under state Penal Law to recognize a state licensed FIREARMS Dealer/Gunsmith as a "Gun Wrangler".
Such recognition is left to the approval of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer's - Dealer License Section.

Movie Gun Services™ has qualified and has received such a designation and possesses a
state-authorized "THEATRICAL DEALER-IN-FIREARMS" and as such can perform the duties of an FFL Gun Wrangler.

You will be arrested if you possess a NYC "BLANKED" FIREARM (Title 1 Firearms - Pistols and/or Revolvers and/or Assault Rifles) (NYS Defined Firearms - Pistols and/or Revolvers and/or Assault Rifles) anywhere outside the boundaries of the City of New York, unless such possession is legal under the laws of the STATE of New York and said FIREARM has been formally transferred to you via the state-approved Purchase Order and Registration procedures, with it's Make, Model, Serial Number and Caliber entered upon your Pistol Permit. If you don't have a permit, you can't rent it.
Under New York state law, there is no provisions for an "Actor's Permit" which would allow for the public display of FIREARMS.
NYPD issued "Actor's Gun Permits" are not valid and have no special privileges outside the City of New York.

Outside the city, you MUST only use a state-licensed "Gun Wrangler" (FFL/SOT/NYS D&G) who has ultimate legal control over production FIREARMS.

(Even though Sub-Section 19 § 10-301 of the city's Administrative Code, adds the phrase "theatrical purposes outside the city" there is no such permissions, rules, regulations, laws, informal agreements via hand-shakes or any other recognition of such under New York State Penal Law. You cannot rent an assault rifle from a NYC Theatrical Dealer and remove it from the city. NYC Theatrical Dealers who inform you otherwise are not following the laws of the city and the state.)

19. "Special theatrical dealer." Any person, firm, partnership, corporation or company who possesses assault weapons exclusively for the purpose of leasing such assault weapons to special theatrical permittees within the city and for theatrical purposes outside the city.

SPECIAL NOTICE: As of May of 2006, you may no longer acquire "LIVE" BLANKED FIREARMS from any NYC "Theatrical Dealer" unless you are licensed for the type of weapon being rented. A formal FIREARMS TRANSFER in full compliance with NYS Firearms Law is required. This means that the person who is accepting the Firearms on behalf of the Production must possess a NYC Pistol License for handguns or Assault Weapons. There is no longer any exceptions for motion picture, television or stage productions. The BATFE has put a stop to NYC "Theatrical Dealers" renting out firearms to non-licensees. Additionally, NYS Police have indicated that possession of a "Semiautomatic Assault Weapon" manufactured after September 13th, 1994 by any non-licensee is a crime regardless of the presence of a "NYC Actor Permit for Assault Weapons". Do not take a chance of having your actors or prop personnel arrested. Contract for a State-Licensed "Gun Wrangler" (FFL/SOT/NYS D&G) to handle all your on-set FIREARMS outside of the City of New York.
Spend a little more and save a lot of grief. Please read our
NYC Laws Page
SPECIAL NOTICE: With regard to the possession on-set of BLANKED Automatic Weapons within New York State and New York City, the only entity who can be in constructive possession is one who is licensed by the State of New York as a Firearms Dealer/Gunsmith-Manufacturer and possesses a Federal Firearms License as a Manufacturer of NFA Weapons. Such a licensed entity must be domiciled in New York State. There is no provisions under NYS Penal Law for a NYS Dealer (Type 01) or NYS individual to be in constructive possession of Automatic Weapons (NFA) regardless if they're BLANKED or not. It is a felony for an out-of-state entity to bring into NYS and/or NYC, NFA Automatic weapons. Only utilize a fully-licensed NYS Gun Wrangler.
SPECIAL NOTICE: With regard to Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons, (AR-15's, AK-47's, HK94's, MAC Pistols, etc.) New York City Special Theatrical Dealers are operating in a dark gray area of state law. Semi-Automatic Assault Weapons (SAW's) are "FIREARMS" as defined under New York State's Penal Law. Recently manufactured SAW's are illegal to be constructively possessed by individuals not only within NYC but also NYS. If you examine the page image below, you will see in the last paragraph the sentence "This permit is not for the personal possession of long arms." Since NYS defines SAW's as FIREARMS under state law, NYC's Special Theatrical Permit is not valid for the constructive possession of SAW's.

SPECIAL NOTICE: With regard to blank-firing NON-GUNS (die-cast metal replicas that operate with proprietary special cartridges, i.e. 8-mm & 380 rimmed), these are pyrotechnic devices and require a Pyrotechnist with a valid FDNY Certificate of Fitness, to facilitate and oversee.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Imitation Guns - you cannot just acquire them from just anybody. The vender MUST possess a U.S. Dept. of Commerce Waiver for the manufacture, possession &/or sale of "imitation firearms" that do not have a red painted muzzle.
Federal Toy Gun Law (15 USC § 5001) (15 CFR § 1150.3[a])(15 CFR § 1150, et seq).

NY State law prohibits the sale of any imitation gun in realistic colors such as black, blue, silver or aluminum unless it has a non-removable orange stripe running down both sides of the barrel. The stripe must be one inch wide if the barrel is at least one inch wide.
NYC law- Administrative Code § 10-131(g).

SPECIAL NOTICE: The NYPD cannot place restrictions on the transport or methods of transport beyond those spelled out in New York State Penal law. NYS –recognized entities are outside the purview of the NYPD.

Only transport of commercial goods for delivery to a NYC address, where the NYPD has jurisdiction, is covered under the city’s Administrative Code. Also, because the state Penal Law specifically spells out what constitutes a “Manufacturer” (possessing a Type 7 or Type 10 Federal Firearms License as a manufacturer of firearms AND licensed by the State of New York as a “Dealer in Firearms”, and in circumstances where employees, agents or representatives of such manufacturers are in possession of inventory of such manufacturer, said employees, agents and/or representatives MUST also be licensed to “carry” firearms within the state of New York.)

No one else, no other alternative entity, no other Federal Firearms License type, qualifies.

Only NYS Firearms Manufacturers may be in possession of their inventory “Off-Premises” within NYS and only when their employees hold a NYS CARRY Pistol License.

The only exception that would facilitate out-of-state entities to come into NYS (NYC) would be to attend and display at an NRA-sanctioned event.

Non-NYS Firearms Manufacturers Employees do not qualify for this exemption and if the employee, agent or representative of such is a New York State resident, possession of such manufacturer’s inventory MUST be via a New York State Carry License and such firearms MUST be registered to said individual by the New York State licensing agency who issued the license.

There is no Un-Registered possession in New York State, except by NYS Manufacturers and their licensed employees, agents and/or representatives.”

NYPD Special Permit
NYPD Theatrical Dealer

Direct Link to NYPD Movie & TV Gun Unit

Direct Link to NYC Dept. of Corrections Special Events Unit

The Truth about NYC "Blanked" firearms and NYC "approval",

Many years ago, upon "Call-Out", NYPD-Firearms Analisis Section, Members of Service would "visit" a particular NYC Special Theatrical Dealer who was doing conversions of Firearms to utilize only specialty 8mm blanks. These FID Tech's had to verified that the Firearm's barrel had been permanently sleeved for 8mm blank cartridges-only and that the firearm's frame had been altered in such a way as to preclude it's re-activation back into a Firearm. That was more than 14 years ago, and has not been performed since. Modern Semi-Automatic Pistols, by their very design and manufacturing process can not be "converted" to the point where they will only function with blanks and qualify to be legally declared Not-A-Firearm. Several can however, be welded up so that they are effectively rendered "INERT". These are the wall-hangers that you will find decorating the office walls of retired police supervisors.

According to industry insiders,

"Dellaventura" [TV-Series 1997-1998] CBS – Tuesday 10pm
Danny Aiello stared in this original series reminiscent of “The Equalizer”. Filmed on the streets of New York in more colorful neighborhoods, Danny righted wrongs and defended the weak. While filming a scene on the west side of Manhattan, all of the rented firearms (Pistols and shotguns) were locked in the back of a Grip Truck parked outside of the building being used. The only security was the union truck driver sitting behind the wheel. The driver left the cab of the truck to get a cup of coffee, and when he returned the truck was gone. NYPD TV & Movie Gun Unit did not issue any comments after the theft.

January 6, 2001
Police Charge a Bronx Man With Trafficking in Firearms
New York City police charge Peter Roman with trafficking in guns that he stole from Manhattan company specializing in providing props for films and television shows; investigators say guns were stolen from the store, Centre Firearms, that lost 116 firearms in three burglaries, all of which they attribute to Roman; Roman is arrested after eight-month investigation by undercover detectives.

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