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Links to our competitors by State & Country
Check your local laws before you purchase, contract or engage any entity listed here

REMEMBER: None of the entities listed below are licensed to operate outside their state.
Special arraignments need to be secured prior to providing services in other states.

StateServicesWeb Link
MassachusettsRentals of police & fire equip. and prop non-gunsTNT LTD. Productions
OhioReal weapons for rent & Stunt Agency Vincent DeNiro's Exotic Arms for Motion Pictures
Pyro sales by Theater EffectsThe Prop Closet, LLC
ArizonaS F/X & Weapons CFX Motion Picture Special Effects
S F/X & Equipment Rentals Double F Productions
ConnecticutPyro S F/X ShopPYRO FX Ent. Group
IllinoisSpecial F/X Shop & SalesStrictly FX
VirginiaBlank-fire non-guns salesNetLink Enterprises
Blank-fire non-gun rentalsPreferred Arms
NevadaRentals & WranglingBob Irwin Movie Guns
Blank-fire non-gunsWestern Stage Props
Secondhand prop weapons (real guns)Long Mountain Outfitters
CaliforniaNon-Guns & Equipment - Internet Store

Prop House Link Site Prop City
Full Service-Weapon PropsOn Site Armorer LLC
Gun Wranglers & Onset Tech'sTactical Edge Group
Non-gun rentalsWeapons of Choice
Custom made fantasy weaponsKropserkel
Firearm Props & S F/X Tactical Edge Group
Gun Prop RentalsThe Hand Prop Room
Expendables and SuppliesFull Scale Special Effects
Rentals of police & fire equipmentWest Lake Signal Group
Advisors & ActorsSWAT4Hire
Full service rentals & SF/XCreative Effects, Inc.
Full service rentals & SF/XUniversal Armorers
Blank-fire non-gunsDeathmonkey Armorers
Gun Shot Special EffectsMatt Sweeney Special Effects Inc
Technical Advisors TRS-Tactical Response Systems
The big boys in rentalsIndependent Studio Services
LouisianaBlank-fire non-gunsBlank Guns Depot
New YorkUniforms & Props H&R Productions
Non-gun rentalsSpatcave Studios
Stage Fighting choreographersCombat Incorporated
Custom-made fantasy non-gunsAdvanced Light Weaponry
New York City Gun Prop Houses Page Link
New JerseyThe only NJ outfit we recommendDrew Jiritano Special Effects
Jeff Page, is listed as a weapons shop A.J.P Weapons - F/X
Repro Medieval Weapons, Swords & ArmorA Squared Armory
CanadaSmall Gun Effects ShopSGFX
Blank firing prop long guns/handgunsMantis Armorers
EnglandPyro & Special F/X Supplies Roger George Rentals
Pyro Special Effects ShopEMF Technology LTD
Prop weaponsSecrets of, UK
AustraliaMotion Picture ArmorersJohn Fox

If you're not a member of the AEAA, then you're missing out!

Join Today
American Entertainment Armorers Association
2911 Winona Ave., Burbank, CA CA 91504
Contact: Mike Gibbons, V President (818) 381-3890

If you're filming in California, please contact our friend Mike Gibbons.
Not only is he one of the best in the business, He is an advocate for gun-rights
and takes the California Legislators to task, every day.

2911 Winona Ave., Burbank, CA. 91504
818-566-4253 Fax 818-566-1235

Weapons: replicas, functional, military

As an industry, providers of weapons do not like to draw attention to ourselves. One person who deserves all our collective support is Mike Gibbons. His battle against California legislative efforts is stuff of legends. If you'd like to help, contact him at the address listed above and join the fight.

CaliforniaServicesWeb Link

Stunt Talent Agency

Brand X Action Specialists
Stunt Professional Nick Plantico
Stunt Professional Tang Nguyen
Stunt Professional William Malmskog
Stunt Professional Kevin Jackson
Stunt Talent Agency AzRA
 Stunt Professional Brian Concannon
ColoradoFull Service StuntsASGARDEN Entertainment
ArizonaStunt Professional Jayson James
IllinoisStunt Professional Jim Dougherty
New York Stunt Professional Stian Nilson 
FloridaStunt Professional Dave Crago
TexasStunt Professional Magic Schwarz
U.K.Stunt Professional Marcus Shakeseff
Stunt Professional Rink English
NetherlandsStunt Professionals Stuntteam Daring Dantes
Serbia and MontenegroStunt Professionals Stuntman's Association
GermanyStunt Professional Ferdinand Fischer

AS A SIDE NOTE: The legendary Stembridge Gun Rentals, Inc. of Los Angles, California, is long gone. For many years Stembridge was Hollywood's supplier of choice for movie weapons. Unfortunately, due to the increasing number of productions going to Canada and overseas, Stembridge was forced to close their doors in the middle of 1999. It seems silly but as the US Move Gun Business is getting forced out of business due to regulations and restrictions, the Canadian Movie Gun Business is enjoying a boom. That sucking sound emanating from the north is our movie production industry chasing the cheaper and less restrictive production atmosphere of Canada.

Canadian Movie Gun Info

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