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Licenses Required


Licenses needed for someone to work as an FFL Gun Wrangler / Prop Firearm Pyrotechnist in New York State
(excluding NYC)

The following is for those who will be functioning as an FFL Gun Wrangler

  • New York State Theatrical Dealer/Gunsmith License - Issued by the NYS Police
  • New York State Manufacturer of Firearms License - Issued by the NYS Police
  • Federal Special Occupation Tax Stamp as a Class 2 Manufacturer - Issued by the BATFE
  • Federal Firearms License Type 7 or Type 10 Manufacturer of Firearms - Issued by the BATFE
  • Exempt Dealer / Manufacturer for prop firearms - Issued by US Dept. of Commerce

The following is for those who will be functioning as a pyrotechnist:

  • NYS License to Deal in or Manufacture Explosives - Issued by the NYS Department of Labor
  • New York State Class A Pyrotechnician License - NYS Department of Labor
  • Federal Manufacturer of High Explosives Type 20 - Issued by the BATFE
  • A pair of Type 4 Explosives Magazines for use on-set that have been inspected and approved by both the NYS Dept. of Labor & BATFE
Local Fire Marshal-issued permits for each location where blank cartridges, S F/X devices, (including but not limited to: black powder bombs, lifting charges, DET-Cord and "SQUIBS")  will be utilized.
Anyone attempting to function as a gun handler anywhere in NYS outside of the City of New York who does not have all the above listed licenses and permits can and will be prosecuted. The are no provisions for a non-licensee to be in constructive control over FIREARMS. The New York State Police - Gun Investigation Unit (GIU) will not turn a blind eye to illegal possession.
Anyone attempting to bring a "BLANKED" FIREARM out of the city will be committing a state Felony.
New York City issued Pistol Licenses do not provide for exemptions from the restrictions of possession for the purposes of "Theatrical Production" usage and display.
>New York City Police Dept. - Pistol License Section, (646) 610-5560<
An NYPD issued STP (Special Theatrical Permit) as issued by the City of New York is not recognized anywhere else, and provide for no special permissions or privileges outside of the City of New York.NYPD Special Permit
FFL Type CodeExplosives License
19Manufacturer of Theatrical Flash Powder
20Manufacturer of High Explosives
21Manufacturer of Low Explosives
22Manufacturer of Blasting Agents
50Manufacturer of Fireworks (Consumer, Display, and Components)
23Importer of High Explosives
24Importer of Low Explosives
25Importer of Blasting Agents
51Importer of Fireworks (Display)
26Dealer of High Explosives
27Dealer of low Explosives
28Dealer of Blasting Agents
53Dealer in Fireworks (Display)
29Dealer in Black Powder
33User of High Explosives
34User of Low Explosives
35User of Blasting Agents
54User of Fireworks (Display)
36User (Limited) of High Explosives
37User (Limited) of Low Explosives
38User (Limited) of Blasting Agents
55User (Limited) of Display Fireworks
60Limited Permit (Intrastate Only)
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