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 Production Insurance Requirements


Production Insurance Requirements for Prop Firearm Usage in NYS
(Except NYC)




This is the only area that you should never scrimp on. A wise man once said that insurance is the cheapest thing you can have when you really need it. It doesn't take much of an injury to trigger a multi-million dollar law suit, and juries think film production companies have lots of cash sitting around.

Under state and local law, you will need general liability insurance in the amount of $5,000,000 minimum. The policies will have to detail which actors/actresses will be "shot" since industry history shows that these people are the most at risk. Use a reputable underwriter who has motion picture experience. There have been stories where low budget productions had used a budget service and when a claim was submitted, the company was nowhere to be found.

Several "Certificates Of Insurance" made out (reportable) to the local authorities (County, Town, Village and/or landowner) to validate that insurance also lists each municipality as "Co-Insured". No municipality will allow you to film without insurance in place.

    • ALL renters from Movie Gun Services LLC. must have liability insurance, and issue us with a certificate before the equipment is due to leave our shop. You may fax a copy to 877-839-4265 or email a .pdf or a .doc to
    • The Insured party on the certificate [see A on example] should match your listed customer name and address on our rental agreement. If you are the renter, and a third party is providing the insurance, your company name and
      event must be clearly stated in the notes section of their certificate to us, i.e. “as respects to Gunfight Productions Job #142 at Riverhead Town Square, between August 3th and August 14th 2006”.
    • The Certificate Holder at the bottom of the cert [see B on example] should be Movie Gun Services LLC. PMB 268, Babylon, NY 11702.
    • Policy expiration dates [see C on example] must be later than return dates on our rental weapons.
    • Liability coverage [see D on example] must be for a minimum of $1,000,000 for each occurrence.
    • The ONLY circumstance in which liability insurance is not required is if you are hiring personnel from Movie Gun Services LLC. who will be in sole charge of our equipment at all times during the rental.
  • Liability Insurance
    • Movie Gun Services LLC must be named as additionally insured on your liability policy. [see E on example]. Liability insurance is designed to protect you from any personal injury or third party property claims that may arise as a result of an accident at your event. We require that we be named as additionally insured on your certificate so that we won’t be held liable for any accident involving our equipment while it’s out of our control (i.e., an actor gets burned or is injured while using one of our props).
  • Loss Payee Insurance
    • Our rental equipment has a replacement value which is noted in your rental agreement. In addition to your rental payment, you must provide a deposit to cover the full value of the rental property, should any damage to or loss of our equipment occur. You may leave a check or credit card deposit for the full total, or you have the option to provide loss payee insurance and only give us a deposit for what the insurance company doesn’t cover. On the same certificate that is issued to us for liability, most renters show equipment coverage under the ‘Other’
      section of the certificate.[see F on example] The limit of coverage and the deductible is shown at the right. In
      the notes section, where we are named as ‘additionally insured’, we should also be named as ‘loss payee’ [see G
      on example].
  • See attached example certificate: if your company’s rental package had a replacement value of $10,000, we would accept the certificate plus a $5,000 deposit [see H on example] to cover the theft deductible.

    If you have any questions or problems regarding these instructions, please feel free to contact us, or your
    insurance broker may contact us directly.


Insurance Certificate
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