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Prop Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)

Simulated Improvised Explosive Devices
Movie Gun Services / Securesearch is noted for producing extremely realistic inert training aids for the security, military and law enforcement markets. Due to our reputation for realism, many film and TV production companies have come to  us for custom-made theatrical props. 
One of the primary problems of the film and TV industries is the requirement for us to make multiple items on very short notice. 
Changes to script and scenes also occur very quickly; sometimes this requires a complete re-thinking of the prop. This frequently means starting the whole process over again, to make something that fills the new requirement. We need plenty of advance notice (months) in order to design, acquire, assemble, and deliver your simulated explosives devices.
Some productions that have used our products: 
  • The Specialist  (Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone) Feature Film
  • The Siege (Denzel Washington & Bruce Willis)  Feature Film
  • JFK   ( Feature Film )
  • Colony  ( Feature Film )
  • Kung Fu -- The Legend Continues  ( TV Series Warner Brothers)
  • Sudden Death  (Jean-Claude van Damme)
  • The Psy Factor   ( TV Series  Alliance Atlantis)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Feature Film)
  • The Grid  ( Fox TV 6-part series)
Movie Gun Services / Securesearch has also produced seven instructional video programs, and we made all of the props used in those productions. Typically a production company provides us with text from the script covering specific scenes where our products will be used. The Director, decoration department, property department and special effects people are consulted and give their opinion on how the props are to be used.  As a result of our input, the scene may have to be revised so that the props can be correctly used to create the desired visual effect.  None of the materials we produce contain any live  explosive or incendiary material or chemical; it is up to the special effects people  to create the visual effects of an explosion or fire, if called for by the scenes.

We can provide film props that properly simulate the following products:

  • Safety Fuse

  • dynamite
  • water gel
  • ammonium nitrate bags
  • detonating cord
  • demolition blocks
  • plastic explosives
  • cast TNT
  • detonators
  • cast boosters and primers
  • booby traps
  • grenades (hand, rifle and rocket-propelled)
  • anti-personnel mines, anti-tank mines and  underwater magnetic limpet mines
  • ammunition (small, medium and larger calibers)
  • fireworks
  • improvised explosive devices, suicide belts and vests 


Where scenes call for packages and shipping containers of certain types of explosives, we can create realistic props for this purpose. They have labels bearing proper wording and hazardous product symbols.  
Some package labeling must have printing in foreign languages and we can create realistic packaging for this purpose. 
Our Technical Advisors are well versed in military explosives as well as improvised explosives. Whether you need a tractor-trailer loaded with SEMTEX or a simple letter-bomb, we can provide realistic inert examples of the substances and packaging that they come in.
Please contact us early in your pre-production stages so that sufficient time to complete your order is available.


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