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Welcome to our website - Movie Gun Services


Gun Props, Weapon Props, Dummy Guns, Inert Guns,
Pyrotechnicians, Gun Shot Special F/X, Technical Advisors, Actor Instructors, Gun Wranglers, Pyro/Explosives Magazines Fixed & Mobile, Firearms Safety Coordinators and Crafts Services

We are the biggest gun prop company you've never heard of.


If you are looking for rentals and/or services, you will need to contact us and contract at least 60-days prior to your shoot. Weapons,
 permits, insurance riders and blank cartridges all need to be procured or manufactured, and in place prior to any on-set work.
There is no such thing as "WE NEED IT TOMORROW", so plan way ahead!

Just some of our work
 moviegunservices.comThe Blacklist Season 3
Woodridge Productions
Body Armor for Megan Boone who plays FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen

If your production needs Prop Body Armor or Ballistic Shields or Helmets
we can supply you with actual vests with closed cell foam instead of Ballistic material.
Agency Placard Velcroо is added on both the front & the back.
Tactical Vests & Plate Carriers are provided with mission specific pouches and tactical accessories
such as magazines, radios, flash-bangs, knives, Chem-lights and other mission essentials.
Concealable vests are available in black, navy coyote,
ranger green or white (for commanders
and other higher ranks.)

We will sit down with your Prop Master and design exactly
what your script & story board calls for.

Call us for actor measuring and design of your equipment.

Custom manufactured vests require 45-50 days lead-time.
We also have an extensive stock of standard sizes available for rental or sale. 

Blank-Fire Firearms

A film by Cody Blue Snider

This film, directed by Cody, featured his dad Dee Snider in the role of Death. Shot on locations throughout Long Island, the production utilized goods and services available nowhere else. The project was completed on-time and under-budget. The talent was exceptional and casting was spot-on. Special Effects were extremely innovative and several less-expensive processes were utilized to the advantage of production.
On the evening of August 28th 2010, at the SVA Theater on 333 West 23rd St. in NYC, Cody's film premiered to standing ovations.
It is currently touring And yes, the guns were ours. Here is a link to the entire film
Mob Wars: Ascension
Blank-Fire Firearms

Killbox Pictures in association with Fake Money Productions

Mob Wars: Ascension - A Mob Wars Contest Entry
Written & Directed By Ryan Morris, Produced By Craig Cook
Executive Producers: Morris Media Partners
"Special Thanks to John and Drew of Movie Gun Services LLC for all of their help with this project. MGS supplied us with the Tommy Gun for the opening shot, which by the way was shot on Green Screen! The gun was a part for part replica considered a "non-gun" because of the plugged barrel. If anyone ever needs weapons for a movie, MGS is THE SOURCE. Their weapons have played major roles in many studio motion pictures" Craig - FMP
Law & Order 2008 Season Premier January 9th - Episode "Misbegotten"
Improvised Explosive Devices, Bomb Squad Headquarters Accoutrements

Thanks for the great service"
Mollie Laurienzo
- Art Department Coordinator
A pipe bomb injures a pregnant security guard, and when Lupo crosses a line gathering evidence it may harm the DA's case.
Blank-Fire Firearms

a Gregory Wilson film

" A great asset to the film production industry"
Alexandra Kanal
- Assistant Camera

Alexandra has been recently plying her trade as a Camera Trainee for Law & Order.
Alex's feature work includes "Hitch", "The Manchurian Candidate" as well as "Home Invaders". In addition to numerous commercial projects, she has worked as a Director of Photography on "Knives in my Belly" and "Making the Box".
Home Invaders 
La Vida Blanca
Blank-Fire Firearms

a Jack Hartnett film
"I couldn't have done it without you guys"

Jack Hartnett
- Producer, Director, Actor

"La Vida Blanca" - An analogous tale of cancer and cocaine and God.
A family's battle against breast cancer and cocaine guerillas.
Their survival is rested within the Lord.

Reader’s Digest Version: Felons and Blanked Firearms


Any firearm (as in originally manufactured as a live firearm, then converted) may only be possessed by a person so qualified.


Basically, the person who holds ultimate possession is the fully license Gun Wrangler to whom said ‘blanked’ firearm has been lawfully transferred to. As long as he or she maintains constructive possession and is in proximity to the ‘blanked’ firearm, a non-felon MAY hold, manipulate and/or fire said firearm.

A firearm that has been rendered inert, and has a certificate issued by the NYPD TV/Movie Gun Unit, that certifies said firearm has been modified (welded up: Slide welded to the frame, Trigger welded to the frame, all internals removed and magazine permanently attached) and is accompanied by a Firearms Ballistics Lab Certification as in fact, no longer classified as a firearm, and has had its serial number removed from the central firearms database,  can be held, manipulated and/or fired by a non-felon without the attendance of a fully licensed Gun Wrangler. Certain logistical controls apply.


A felon, in the state of New York, including the City of New York MAY NOT hold, manipulate and/or fire any firearm, blanked or otherwise, nor can they hold, manipulate and/or fire a die cast metal firearm copy that is specifically manufactured to discharge proprietary blank cartridges (Denixо brand as an example), nor can they hold, manipulate and/or anything else, with a Non-Firearm (commonly referenced as an NAF – Not a Firearm) because said NAF has the appearance of a real firearm.


In NYC, we’ve had Gangbangers who want to be aspiring Rap Stars, shoot their own Music Videos but use ‘Airsoft’ 6mm plastic pellet firing simulated firearms to get around the law, and they still get arrested because while filming on a street corner, lifting their shirts to show their ‘GATS’, a citizen calls the cops and reports a man with a gun. They do get collared. It is a very expensive trip to Central Booking, then court.

It’s against NYC and state law to present, display or expose an item intended to represent a firearm, in such a way that another individual or group, bystander, casual observer, or other non-participants MAY assume, is a real firearm.


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