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California Prop Shops

New State Regulations for our California End users
We can no longer "blank" your weapons and return them without first receiving state clearance.
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  • California law requires a unique Department of Justice (DOJ) verification number to be obtained for each and every shipment of firearms to a California Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).
  • Whenever a verification number is issued approving a shipment of firearms to an FFL in California, that verification number must be provided to the recipient FFL along with the firearms shipment. If the intended California FFL recipient is not listed in the DOJ's database, the transaction will result in a Do Not Ship Letter, and it is a crime for the intended recipient to receive the firearms. (Penal Code § 12083 subd. (c)(1).)
  • It is unlawful to ship firearms to an FFL in California who is not listed on either DOJ's Centralized List of firearms dealers or DOJ's Centralized List of exempt FFLs. (Penal Code § 12083, subd. (d)(1).)
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California Firearms Licensee Check System (CFLC)

As of July 1, 2008, California Penal Code Section 12072(f)(1) prohibits all Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL's), other than Type 03 or 06 FFL's, from shipping firearms to an FFL in California unless, prior to delivery, the FFL intending to deliver, sell or transfer the firearms obtains a verification approval number from the California Department of Justice (CADOJ) Bureau of Firearms. This includes transfers that occur at gun shows.

The verification approval number, which the Bureau of Firearms provides in a Firearms Shipment Approval letter, confirms that the intended recipient of the firearm shipment is properly licensed and listed in the state's database of persons/entities authorized to receive firearm shipments. If the intended CA FFL recipient is not listed in the state's database, the transaction will result in a Do Not Ship letter, and it is a crime for the intended recipient to receive the firearms (Penal Code Section 12083(c)(1)).

Firearms Shipment Approval letter.

We are enrolled with the CADOJ Bureau of Firearms and can obtain the required "Firearms Shipment Verification Approval Letter". We must have a signed copy of your current Federal Firearms License as well as your five digit Centralized List (CL) number that was issued to you by the Bureau of Firearms. In addition we will need to affirm that you possess a valid California Department of Justice Certificate of Eligibility (COE). A certified hard copy will need to be sent to us and kept on file with your FFL.

Firearms Shipment Approval letter requests received via phone, fax, or mail will be processed Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. After processing your request, the Bureau of Firearms will fax you a Firearms Shipment Approval letter containing the verification approval number.

It is now imperative that you have all your documentation in our hands prior to any shipments being made to you. Plan your production requirements accordingly.

If your company is exempt from Penal Code Section 12070(a) firearms dealer licensing requirements and is listed on the Centralized List for Exempted FFL's (CLEFFL), you must provide us with a certified copy of your Bureau of Firearms issued "Centralized List of Exempt Firearms Licensees Notice" to confirm your status.

____ Manufacturer to Manufacturer 12070(b)(6) PC
____ Manufacturer to Importer 12070(b)(6) PC
____ Manufacturer to 12071 Dealer 12070(b)(7) PC
____ Manufacturer to Wholesaler 12070(b)(7) PC
____ Manufacturer to Out of State FFL 12070(b)(10) PC

____ Importer to Manufacturer 12070(b)(6) PC
____ Importer to Importer 12070(b)(6) PC
____ Importer to 12071 Dealer 12070(b)(7) PC
____ Importer to Wholesaler 12070(b)(7) PC
____ Importer to Out of State FFL 12070(b)(10) PC

____ Wholesaler to Out of State FFL 12070(b)(10) PC
____ Wholesaler to 12071 Dealer 12070(b)(12) PC
____ Wholesaler to Wholesaler 12070(b)(15) PC

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