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About MGS

Movie Gun Services, LLC.








Because of the very nature of this business,
you cannot call today and pick up weapons tomorrow.

New York State's only fully licensed prop firearm supplier serving Long Island, New York and the world.

We receive thousands of inquires from individuals who are looking for a particular weapon prop that they saw in some movie.
Please don't bother, we do not sell our prop guns and will not respond.

We do not provide catalogs to the general public, nor amateur film buffs; we only work with

  • Licensed Gun Handlers,
  • Licensed Pyrotechnicians, and
  • Licensed Property Masters.

    Industry inquires via E-mail permitted regarding schedules and availability of props. You must identify your production Company's TIN in your first inquiry.

We deal mostly with "live" weapons that we convert to blank-fire but have a large inventory of "function props", "suicide guns" as well as "rubber guns". We can provide one weapon to hundreds depending on your needs. Our shop is fully equipped to manufacture from scratch most any type of weapon desired at the fastest turn-around time. The vast majority of our work is custom designed and executed specifically for each story-line. If we don't have it, we can make arraignments to acquire what you need from one of the hundreds of weapon dealers and collectors in our database.
Nothing we make is available for resale and most of our weapons are destroyed or disassembled after they are used. You may not see our name listed in the credits, but if it worked or looked right, we probably made it.

This site is not intended to solicit sales nor will orders be accepted from states or jurisdictions in which possession, receipt or advertisement of an item contained herein is prohibited by law.

NOTE: We will ship NO GUNS (real or prop) into the city of San Francisco.
We no longer ship "REAL" firearms equipped with large capacity magazines to the following states;

New Jersey - 15 rd magazines
California - 10 rd magazines
Maryland - 20 rd magazines
Hawaii - 10 rd magazines
New York City - 10 rd magazines

Please do not try to order.


From Wikipedia....

The weapons master, sometimes credited as the Armorer, weapons specialist, weapons handler, weapons wrangler, or weapons coordinator, is a film crew specialist that works with the property master, director, actors and script supervisor. The weapons master is specifically responsible for maintaining control of any weapon props (including but not limited to firearms, knives, swords, bows, and staff weapons). The weapons master is present whenever a scene with a weapon is to be shot. They present the actor with the weapon just prior to the scene, and they take control of the weapon when the scene is done. It is the primary function of the weapons master to ensure that the weapons under their control do not cause harm to the cast, crew or production property. Secondary functions include ensuring that the weapons can achieve the director's goals in terms of appearance and function, and that they meet the continuity requirements for the production. While some weapons masters work exclusively in film production, others are specialists outside of the media profession who are called in because of their familiarity, licensing and qualifications with the weapons in question. Some weapons masters (particularly in lower-budget productions) are also responsible for training the actors. Prior to the 1980s, weapons were frequently the responsibility of the property master or his assistant, but since then, it has becoming increasingly common in the industry for the property master to a hire a dedicated weapons master in order to reduce the burden on himself. However, it is still common for the property master to double as the weapons master on productions where NFA-regulated firearms (such as machine guns or sawed-off shotguns) are not being used as a cost-saving measure.


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