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How to contact us

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Snail Mail Address
Contact UsMovie Gun Services LLC
PO Box 268
Babylon, NY 11702-0268

Phone (866) 888-2023
We may not be in when you call due to on-set commitments but we collect our e-mail even from the road.

Don't call and question do we sell theatrical firearms: the answer is NO.
We rent, we don't sell!

Click to E-MAIL US using your e-mail client

Licensed Gun Wranglers, please provide your FFL & SOT #'s in your first correspondence.
If you are operating in California or New York, we will also need your state Dealer's License number.

Don't send us a question as blind as this:

"I was wondering how much it would be to rent 5-6  blank handguns (live) and one blank shotgun (live). I also would need a small amount of blanks for the guns.

I have a limited budget, but this is for a international film festival."

Most e-mails are kicked because of hypothetical or open-ended questions.
Before you click "Send Mail" did you check to see if you're asking the right question?
   What type(s) or model(s) of weapon(s)?
   Length of time needed for rental?
   Where will your production be located?
   Will they need to fire blanks but don't need a muzzle flash?
   If Blanked-Live firearms, who is your fully licensed FFL Gun Wrangler?

We are extremely busy, and incomplete questions will not be answered due to time constraints. Once we know you're a serious player based on your questions, we will contact you back.

Or use this on-line contact form.
Contact Us - Email Form
Your Name:

Your Email:

Your Production Company and Address:

Your Phone Number:


Location of your intended shoot::

Preliminary dates of your intended shoot:

Your question:


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